For me, it makes life worth living. Originally from Southwick, Mass., I grew up singing, acting, drawing, and writing. My first book, titled, "Baby Cats," was a hit among the Higgins clan – but don't go looking for it on store shelves (or Amazon).

My ambition sprinted as fast as the time, and I found myself studying for a bachelor's degree in secondary education and history at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. There, I honed my writing and critical thinking skills, but couldn't ignore cravings for more creative work. I needed more transferrable skills and turned to internships for experience and knowledge. Internships at Travelers (leadership and development), Resist. (non-profit development), Hartford City Ballet (social media and marketing), and Judy Wu, Ltd. (fashion public relations), imparted valuable skills as well as important lessons about myself. 

In September 2017, I earned a master's degree in mass communication from Boston University. Currently, I'm working happily as a communications associate for Dotdash, the fastest growing digital publisher in the U.S. 

I love to write and I feel most inspired by style, great mentors, beauty, authenticity, and purpose. 

I'm keeping my eyes fixed on a creative horizon. Perhaps I'll see you at the next destination